Using the next generation in Packet Transport Network (PTN) technology, TJ1400 product is designed for access and aggregation applications in the network. With a full PTN feature set, TJ1400 has the advanced features for tomorrow’s mobile backhaul, enterprise, business, data center, cloud and infrastructure services. TJ1400 supports MPLS label based connection oriented Ethernet which allows networks to easily scale from a few subscribers to millions of subscribers and a few services to thousands of services. TJ1400 provides best in class packet switching to create networks with the highest performance.

Versatile mix of services ranging from low speed DS1/E1 to 100GbE

CE2.0 certified for Business Ethernet services

Reuse existing investments in L2 transport without requiring expensive network overhaul

Advanced packet synchronization and circuit emulation features

PTN Access/Aggregation

Transition from Circuit Switched to Packet Switched networks without changing service end-points

Circuit Emulation enables telecom operators to translate legacy systems using TDM signals such as E1/DS1, E3/DS3, STM-n/OC-n to appropriate packet formats and carry them on a modern packet transport network

50-70% Power & Space Savings Unlocks Capacity for new Packet Services

End-to-End Portfolio: From Access to Core

A Revolutionary Approach to Building Next-generation Telco Networks is just a click away